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What is Physical Therapy?

Often abbreviated “PT”, helps improve a person’s ability to move, reduce pain, and helps restore posture and balance. Exercises are geared to address impairments in strength, ROM, and flexibility to restore and improve function. 





What is Occupational Therapy?

Often abbreviated “OT”, promotes health by enabling people to perform meaningful and purposeful occupations. These include leisure, self-care, domestic and community activities. An occupational therapist focuses on training people to improve their performance of activities of daily living. Occupational therapists work with individuals, families, groups and communities to facilitate health and well-being through engagement or re-engagement in activities of daily living. In the geriatric population OT’s often focus on bathing, dressing and grooming abilities and will provide adaptive equipment if necessary.




What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy is treatment that focuses on a person’s ability to communicate effectively and eat safely. Speech Language Pathologists focus on speech, language, cognition and swallowing difficulties.

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